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Fuses and Fuse Holders 

Properly applied fuses protect personnel and property from damage that can occur when there is a failure. Protecting solid state power controllers, such as Watlow's DIN-A-MITE®, requires fast acting fuses. Achieving the Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) for power controllers requires the use of a specific fuse.  Watlow offers fuses and DIN-rail mount fuse holders appropriate for use with DIN-A-MITE power controllers solid state relays and EZ-ZONE ST® controllers. The fuse holders feature lockout/tagout and open fuse indication.

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Specifiche tecniche:

Descrizione:  Disconnect loads from power sources when excessive current is drawn.
Montaggio:  DIN-rail and blade
Max. Uscita:  100A
Regolatori Supportati:  Solid state power controllers such as DIN-A-MITE
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Note: The specifications in the table above are best available values in ea Not all combinations of these values are available in a single model number

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