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Current Transformers 

A current transformer (CT) provides a signal that is proportional to and isolated from the load that passes through it. The signal from the CT can be measured by a temperature or power controller. The value from that measurement may be used to trigger an alarm, detect an open heater or a shorted SSR, or to indicate the current. Choose the model that provides a measureable output for the planned load current.

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Specifiche tecniche:

Descrizione:  Detect and measure load currents
Note: The specifications in the table above are best available values in ea Not all combinations of these values are available in a single model number


Caratteristiche Vantaggi
Accurate and isolated output
  • Allows current monitoring
  • Drives panel mounted load indicator, pilot light
Compatible with Watlow products
  • Provides feedback for current indication, alarms, limiting, and diagnostics
Range of transformer ratios available
  • Scalable to various applications

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Current Transformers
Current Transformers