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The DIN-A-MITE® A power switching device controller is designed and manufactured with quality features expected from Watlow. DIN-A-MITE A capabilities include single-phase zero-cross switching up to 25 amperes at 600VAC (see rating curve). A unique integrated design removes the guesswork associated with selecting a proper heat sink and adequate terminations for the application. DIN-rail and back panel mounting is standard on this family of power switching devices. The DIN-A-MITE is also mercury free.

Variable time base, 4-20mA process control or VAC/VDC input contactor versions are available. All configurations are model number dependent and factory selectable. This power controller includes 200KA short circuit current rating (SCCR) tested up to 480VAC to prevent arc flash with required fusing.

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Specifiche tecniche:

Montaggio:  DIN-rail or back panel
Max. Uscita:  25A
Accensione Uscita:  Zero Cross
Configurazioni di Fase:  1
80°C  (176°F)
Certificazioni:  UL® 508, C-UL®, CE, SCCR
3.7 in. (95 mm) H x 1.8 in. (45 mm) W x 3.9 in. (98 mm) D
Note: The specifications in the table above are best available values in ea Not all combinations of these values are available in a single model number


Caratteristiche Vantaggi
200KA Short Circuit Current Rating
  • Prevents arc flash
DIN-rail or standard panel mount
  • Allows fast, versatile, low-cost installation
Compact size
  • Reduces panel space and cost
Touch-safe terminals
  • Increases safety for installer/user
Mercury free
  • Environmentally safe
Faster switching with solid state
  • Saves energy and extends heater life
UL® 508 listed, C-UL® and CE with filter
  • Meets applications requiring agency approval
Back-to-back SCR design
  • Ensures a rugged design

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DIN-A-MITE A Power Controller
DIN-A-MITE A Power Controller