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EZ-ZONE Configurator 

EZ-ZONE® Configurator software allows Watlow® EZ-ZONE products like PID controllers, integrated controllers, solid state controllers and others to be configured in one simple process. Its interface is flexible and easier to read than the basic remote user interface (RUI). It operates without requiring purchase of communications options as it uses the standard bus communications protocol that is included with all EZ-ZONE products.

The EZ-ZONE Configurator software is available as a free download under the "Literature & Downloads" tab below.

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Specifiche tecniche:

Descrizione:  Software for configuring EZ-ZONE products
Regolatori Supportati:  EZ-ZONE controllers
Requisiti Operativi:  Windows® 8 and 7
Note: The specifications in the table above are best available values in ea Not all combinations of these values are available in a single model number


Caratteristiche Vantaggi
Communicates with EZ-ZONE products via standard bus protocol
  • Works regardless of which communications option is purchased or even when no communication option is purchased
Detects EZ-ZONE devices and reads up configuration
  • Allows easy access to any setting
Presents pages and menus as they are in the controller’s display, RUI and manuals
  • Enables the user to easily locate what they are looking for
Wizard-style editor with menu explore
  • Allows for easy examination of each menu
  • Enables the user to skip directly to the parameters they want to work with
On-screen parameter help
  • Reduces configuration errors
  • Helps the user take full advantage of available features
Copies parameter settings
  • Decreases configuration time especially for multi-loop controllers
Saves configuration files on the computer with all the information required to set up a controller
  • Preserves settings to archive and recover or simplify setting up of another EZ-ZONE product
  • Enables set up files to be e-mailed or accessed by users on a network or via the internet
  • Simplifies setting up EZ-Zone products
View or modify configuration files saved during on-line editing sessions
  • Allows users to get a headstart on setting up EZ-ZONE products
  • Aids in supporting remote users

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EZ-ZONE Configurator Software
EZ-ZONE Configurator Software
EZ-ZONE Configurator Software w Monitor
EZ-ZONE Configurator Software w Monitor