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The EHG® SL10 controller software allows the user to configure, monitor, log and chart data from Watlow's EHG SL10 integrated multi-function controllers. The controller software provides an easy-to-use and centralized interface for multiple EHG SL10 controllers.

This controller software gives the user the ability to change set points, label devices and much more all with the click of a key.

Download the EHG SL10 temperature control software from the Literature & Downloads tab below.

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Specifiche tecniche:

Descrizione:  Software for configuring and monitoring EHG SL10 process controller
Regolatori Supportati:  EHG® SL10
Requisiti Operativi:  Windows® XP Professional
Note: The specifications in the table above are best available values in ea Not all combinations of these values are available in a single model number


Caratteristiche Vantaggi
Automatic network detection and configuration
  • Simplifies configuring multi-device networks by setting unique addresses in each device as they are added to the network
  • Scans for new controllers added to the network
Data logging
  • Saves time and effort by eliminating the need to manually record temperatures
  • Simplifies troubleshooting by providing a record of zone temperatures
User definable device names
  • Speeds up troubleshooting by allowing users to set names for networked controllers that correlate them with heater locations
Monitor mode
  • Displays temperature, and color coded alarms and warnings for all networked controllers
  • Centralizes monitor function and eliminates time spent checking alarm states at the heater
Network state indicator
  • Simplifies and reduces errors when controlling many points
  • Shows at a glance if any controller has a warning or alarm condition
  • Improves system operation by allowing engineers and operators to see zone temperature trends in real time
Configure mode
  • Simplifies and speeds up changing set points and other control parameters
Password protected setup
  • Prevents unauthorized changes to alarm set points, tuning and control settings

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EHG SL10 Software
EHG SL10 Software